The Most Basic Of Natural Hair Care - "An Introduction To Hair Love And Care"
Hair Care

The Most Basic Of Natural Hair Care – “An Introduction To Hair Love And Care”

This article will focus on another essential part of the human body. A beauty identity of ours, “The Hair”!

When we talk about our natural hair care, what do you think about? Is it hair health? Styles you would love to try out? Or products to enhance the look and overall health of your hair?

Yeah, you know best what you want and desire!

Now let me ask you some other questions…

How do you leave your hair? Do you cut it off completely? Or are you trying to grow it out? Have you already achieved your desirable hair goal?

Whichever one applies to you would definitely need support and maintenance to keep it thriving.
We can’t just leave our hair without giving it the love it deserves.

What’s the team? It is self-love! To derive that, there are many procedures that must be carried out and followed.

The world is vast, very vast! And, on this vast universe of ours exists many races of humankind. From black to white, to those with yellow skin and others with brown, there’s even dark chocolate–that sounds yummy!😍. Whereas, there are many others that fall in between these skin colors.

Where you belong does not always matter!

Why is that?

We are all humans in the quest for peace, loves, acceptance, success, happiness etc. You name it…

We are not so different from each other when it comes to our purposes of living, our virtues, our beliefs, and finally, the end of existence–Death, that is completely inevitable by all.

Therefore, even though our hair types might be different, we all want the same thing. To give It loves, and to be BEAUTIFUL! Both inside and outside.


Caring For Your Hair; “The Basic Ways”

If you don’t know where to begin, I am going to walk you through some general and basic steps you could take towards your hair care.

The basic things that are most needed by the hair are cleansing, conditioning, and styling. They are like how the body needs basic cleansing and moisturizing.

Of course, there are more things and steps that are needed for it to be a more healthy and desirable one. It is the reason we often try to include treatments for specific concerns and needs, like the skincare for acne and sensitivity.

As time goes on, in different other articles I will be introducing you to many other important hair care regimens that are needed for a more lustrous, manageable, attractive, and healthy hair.

Some of which includes the right process of moisturization, hydration, exfoliation, deep cleansing, protein treatment, deep conditioning, and so on.

Primarily, It is only after adapting to taking care of your hair would you be determined to include other necessary steps that would be effective for your specific hair concerns and type.


#1 Most Basic Step – “Cleansing Using Any Available Shampoo”

At this point, remember this article is for those that are very new to their personal hair care. It would not be difficult nor would it challenging for you to follow.

This is your very first step to your hair care journey, and we are taking it from the most basic of the basic: Shampoo 'The Art Of Cleansing'

  • A cleansed hair is achieved by first soaking your hair with water, this allows your scalp and hair to become soft and manageable.
  • Pour some shampoo on your palm, bring your palms together so the two hands are covered with the cleanser.
  • In a gentle motion, massage your scalp thoroughly to ensure the removal of dandruff causing dirt and debris, especially those from your styling products build-up.
  • Thereafter, gently walk your hands through your hair.
  • Rinse off with warm water, then cold to seal back your hair cuticles—this would be further explained in later articles.
    • You could either at this point continue to the conditioning step, or if you feel the need for extra cleansing, you repeat the steps again.


#2 Most Basic Step – “Adding A Bit Of Moisture Or Hydration To The Hair Using A Conditioner.”

The conditioning step helps to add moisture back into your hair and prevents it from dryness. This allows your styling step to be easy as your hair would be a lot more manageable by then.

If your hair is straight, you would need much less conditioner to achieve that result. Whereas with curly and coily or kinky hair, there is a need for more conditioner to achieve the same manageability and softness. Conditioner; 'Conditioning And Detangling Process'

  • Put your hair in sections for thorough saturation of the conditioner. About four to six sections depending on your hair length and density.
  • Pour a bit of the conditioner on the palm and apply to each section as needed. From root to tip, walking your fingers or a comb through it.
  • Untangle those stubborn tangles that might have formed. As you come across a more tangled hair, take your time, and relax while trying to separate them from each other.
    • It would be better to use your fingers at this point if you were using a comb or brush initially to prevent too much breakage.
  • Finally, rinse it off with cool water.

A Quick Note: It is okay for your hair to feel slippery after rinsing. Do not over rinse thinking there is still some conditioner left.

Over rinsing would strip your hair of the moisture provided by the conditioner!

A good example of this feeling is how you feel when you use a moisturizing shower gel. Remember your skin feeling slippery does not mean there is still soap left on it. Rather, it is simply the effect of the moisturizer in your shower gel, which also applies to your hair conditioner.


#3 Most Basic Step – “Achieving The Desired Style”

Here are the most fun and interesting part, Styling! A styling product is necessary to achieve the desired result. Natural Hair Styles

To keep it simple without wearing any style, a leave-in moisturizer like oil, or a conventional leave-in conditioner will do just fine. 

  • Apply your styling product to your hair when it is damp, not soaking wet nor extremely dry, for better results and easy absorption.
  • Comb them through the hair for uniform distribution.
  • And finally, allow your hair to hair dry with natural atmospheric air, a hand dryer, or hair bonnet. Availability and time are the determining factors.


In Summary…

As mentioned earlier, there is more to achieving healthy hair. A healthy hair growth journey involves a lot more procedures and treatments than what is included in this article.

This includes only the prerequisite of them all!

The passion, time, and inspiration to take yourself beyond the basics would only come after these prerequisites.

Once you are following and have adapted to the simple and basic ways of something, you would naturally and effortlessly be encouraged to have a more in-depth knowledge of that thing.




Are you already beyond this basic Steps in your hair care journey, or still finding doing them yourself—without having to visit a salon—to be quite challenging?

What stage are you in your hair care journey? What would you like to know more about? And what are your hair concerns and goals?

Write down your comments below so we all could share in your opinions and offer some tips as well.


“This is the beginning of this website hair series”

Stay tuned and look forward to a lot more fun, exciting, and learning experience!

Cheers to a glamorous hair aspiration! … Tohin







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  1. I was not aware you should rinse with cold water after conditioning, why is that? Also I have combination hair, its curly but fine and thinning what would you suggest for this?

    1. Hello Amanda,

      Rinsing your hair with cold water after conditioning allows your hair cuticles to relax thereby sealing in the moisture provided by the conditioner.

      I would also like to add that having combination hair is completely okay. In fact, there are lots of people with combination hair types than with just a single type on their scalp.

      But, for your thinning hair, here is a link to an article that detailed its causes and possible solutions. You should check out;

      Hope it helps.

  2. Thanks Tohin

    It is always a mind field deciding on how to look after the hair, as there are so many products on the market. I am surptised about the use of moisturisers in hairm as I would assume that it would not reach the scalp. I have a Question, some people suffer from dandruff which is harder to treat, how would your regime chamge in this circumstances.


    1. Great question, Antonio!
      There are moisturizing treatments for the scalp, but it is always best to keep them at a minimum to prevent product build-ups that could lead to dandruff, and clogging of pores.

      You are also right about dandruff being quite challenging to get rid off. It is pretty broad and would be a topic for another day, perhaps when discussing problems associated with the scalp.

      So, Stay Tuned!!…

  3. SkyPath says:

    Great article, hair care is a very important thing for most of the people, that’s the thing we need to do very often, with your article, I learn a great way to do it! Thank you!

    1. It’s my pleasure @ Skypath.
      Plus, I’m glad it helped!

  4. Thank you for this article!

    It is a great refresher for basics of hair care we tend to forget.
    Especially, when lifestyle is super-dynamic and thoroughness gives way to daily haste.
    I appreciate the part about moisturizing and conditioning of hair. This made me re-think my own protocol and approach. My hair is very short and I like it that way, but even short hair needs some love and attention!

    Just recently I found tea tree oil shampoo at Trader Joes store and it feels much better than “Head and Shoulders” I used to use. Well, the ingredient list is much shorter and I can actually pronounce all the components.

    Next mini-project is to find myself most natural possible hair conditioner. I’m sure my hair will feel much softer and it should look better.

    1. Wow!
      It was pleasing reading through your own personal hair care experiences, especially with the shampoo with an ingredient list that is easy to pronounce. Thought I am the only one that easily gets captivated with products like that. Now I know I’ve got comrades😍🤜👏!

      Will also help in your mini project by looking out for the most natural hair conditioner. Knowing your hair type would help with my recommendation as well.

      All the very best in your endeavors!

      To a more lustrous and lovely hair…

  5. Thank you for sharing that it’s okay for hair to feel slippery after applying conditioner. I rinse and rinse and it never feels like it’s coming out. I guess I need to learn to let it be and know that it’s doing its job. I’m embarrassed to say that I have never used styling products but maybe I have been doing it wrong and that’s why I don’t like them. I’ll have to try using them on wet hair and allowing it to air dry. I often use a blow dryer but I don’t like the way my hair looks afterward.

    1. Yeah, right! I know that feeling very well. It makes you wonder if you’ve packed the whole conditioner in your hair 🙄. I’m so pleased you found my tips helpful.

      You could also try using a diffuser instead of a blow dryer. It is much better at keeping the styles in place. And of course, if you’ve got the time, air drying is another awesome way.

      Much love…

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