Manicure and Pedicure: 5 simple Steps to Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Manicure and Pedicure: ‘5’ Simple Steps to Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Merriam Webster defines Manicure and Pedicure as, treatments for the care of the hands and fingernails; toenails, toes, and feet.

Since you believe these treatments are very essential, what are your goals and intentions for making your nails undergo them?

Your answer would definitely be, “to beautify and keep my nails healthy.”

Really, healthy! and your techniques are filled with the application of products that are known to be unhealthy for your nails.

It’s okay, we all are guilty of doing things that contradict themselves in one way or the other.

However, do not forget that, although humans are imperfect, it is also part of our nature to keep striving towards perfection.

In order to be able to achieve your goals “Beauty and Health” without you compromising one for the other, I have put together this 5 simple steps to beautiful and healthy nails below.

Note: You can skip step one if you do not use nail polish.


Step 1.Prep Nails

Prep Nails For A Fresh Start: If your nails are still covered with an old polish, the first thing to do is use a nail polish remover to prepare them for a fresh start.

Avoid using the ones containing acetone–a very strong solvent for removing nail polish but can also be very irritating to the skin.

To be safe, you should opt for organic nail polish removers considering they are usually free of toxic ingredients. Even better, make yours with ingredients you can find in your kitchen; vinegar and lemon/lime.


Step 2.

Trim Nails: Clip those nails to prevent them from harbouring germs and dirt, then file them into shape.Trim Nails

This got me curious, do you usually file your nails in opposite direction? Wrong! You’ve been doing it wrong. Now let me tell you the right way to do it.

To file your nails, you place and tilt the file just below the nails, and towards only one direction, from one edge towards the centre, then to the other.


Step 3.

Soak Nails and Exfoliate Hands & Feet: This is my favourite step among the manicure and pedicure steps. Why? because it gives more room for creativity than the other steps. Here are some great ideas of what to soak your nails in:

  • A handful of rose petals in a bowl of water,
  • A honey and milk solution,
  • Few drops of your favourite oil in a bowl of warm water,
  • A mixture of your favourite organic shower gel and water,
  • A mixture of lemon juice and water, or
  • A solution of Epsom salt and water.

Soaking should be for about 2 to 3 minutes. Thereafter, you gently exfoliate your hands and feet with a scrub of your choice, to remove the dead skin cells.

Step 4.

Polish Nails
Nail buffers on white isolated background

Polish Nails: In this step, you are going to use a polishing tool called “Buffer.” It is a tool that is used for polishing the nails. It comes with different sides for achieving different effects on the nails.

You firstly use the fine grit side to clean off the stubborn stains, the ‘finer smooth’ side for some minutes to smoothen out the surface of the nails, and the silky smooth side of the buffer to achieve a natural shine and glossy look.

Since the aim of this manicure and pedicure treatment is to achieve both beautiful and “healthy finish,” the use of the conventional nail polish is strictly restricted. In fact, there is beauty in simplicity, and you’re going to love the stunning look of your nails from the buff.


Step 5.Moisturizer

Moisturize Nails: As the saying; “anything that has a beginning must have an end,” the end of these treatments is moisturizing your hands, fingernails, feet and toes.

Choose an organic hand moisturizer that would keep your nails strong, healthy, and hydrated.

Gently massage your fingers and toes while applying the moisturizer.


Additional Tips for Maintaining Healthy Nails, Hands & Feet

Aside from your occasional nails treatment, here are some other tips to keep them looking and feeling healthy.

  • Protect your nails and hands by using gloves when doing household chores.
  • Keep your nails off your mouth, they aren’t snacks for you to bite on.
  • Moisturize your nails, hands and feet often, not just on days you do your treatments.
  • Clean your tools after each use.
  • Eat a balanced diet meal.
  • Keep to a healthy manicure and pedicure treatments when you feel like beautifying your nails.
  • Wear comfortable foot wears. Don’t hurt your feet and nails because you want to look outstanding.
  • Avoid smoking. You shouldn’t risk or ruin your overall health in order to fulfil your pleasure.
  • Include your wrists and fingers exercise in your everyday activities. And do not over stress them.


“My belief is that we were put into this world of wonders and beauty with a special ability to appreciate them, in some cases to have the fun of taking a hand in developing them, and also in being able to help other people instead of overreaching them and, through it all, to enjoy life – that is, to be happy.” Robert Baden-Powell


Throughout this article, you have learnt some very simple and easy steps to care for your nails. I hope you would utilize, and find them helpful.


“By working together to keep health at the centre of our focus, as well as the national conversation, we can create the safe communities we all want and deserve.” Mike Quigley


Remember to also share your knowledge with others. It always feels good to connect and know more about one’s community. Write a comment to tell us what your “Manicure and Pedicure” treatments entail.





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  1. I love this because it seems as this can be done from home! I will def push this to my mom and cousin as they always go into the sop and probably spend more than using these steps at home.

    1. Absolutely, it can be done at home.
      In fact, this was posted so people would see and know how easy it is to do a manicure and pedicure and still achieve a professional and beautiful look, just at the comfort of their homes.
      And I believe your Mom and Cousin would love and have fun with it.

  2. Crystal Lim says:

    Aww, what a luxurious night it will be if I am able to spend some time to tidy up my nails!

    I am a person who loves all kind of natural treatments to myself, that’s why I fall in love at the first sight on your website! (And, I actually hate applying nail varnish, haha!)

    I think these natural treatments for nails are amazing! Would try these things tonight!

    1. Oops, awesome!
      It’s so good to hear that you will be trying this out tonight…
      It is definitely going to be a Luxury night indeed (hahaha!)

      Have fun.

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