I’M FROM MUGWORT ESSENCE: Review Of A Facial Essence Amidst The “Top Korean Skin Care Products”
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I’M FROM MUGWORT ESSENCE: Review Of A Facial Essence Amidst The “Top Korean Skin Care Products”

“The Beginning Of A New Discovery…”

My interest in Korean beauty and skincare products started when I became an avid fan of Korean Dramas, which was about five years ago (dated back to the end of 2013).

I could still remember lots of different questions and the excitement I felt seeing those characters on screen with their beautiful skin that seems to be completely flawless—anyways, makeup must have done its part well—with the trending dewy finishes.

The teenager in me was completely mesmerized by the flower boys (a term used for guys that are extremely good-looking with feminine traits) and the pretty unnis (a term used by females for an older female).

Yeah! You know what I mean if you are a citizen of the KDrama World like myself.

When you are new to the world, you let your imaginations soar and begin to dream of a skin goal similar to your favourite actress’s skin, and a dream of an almost perfect guy like your favourite actor–if you’re not drooling over them already.

Anyways, as time goes on, you realize not all that glitters are gold. And, they are humans that are just as imperfect as you are!

Albeit a realization of the reality over time, my flame of interest in K-Beauty was not extinguished!

In 2017, my quest to know more about K- beauty world began, and I started my research using the keywords Korean beauty secrets, top Korean skincare products, where to buy Korean skincare and beauty products online, etc.

Of course, I did found my answers from various sources, remember the world is a global village! But, how many of those could be trusted?

After watching series of YouTube videos non-stop for a couple of weeks, luckily I finally stumbled upon a channel called “Wishtrend TV,” a Korean beauty and skincare channel for an online store with the same name. You can check out the website on Wishtrend.com.

It seems trusted and there it goes my decision to place my first order (tada***). Here comes the end of my first quest!

Oops, let’s cut the long story short…

Back On Track!

A Quick Note: I’m From Mugwort Essence was not part of the products I bought myself (Will review those later). As of November 1, 2018, it was delivered to me for free to test and write an honest review on.

I became an affiliate of Wishtrend as I could trust their products after ordering some Korean skincare products from the website. Those products were to my liking and some of them even exceeded my expectations!

Product Description

  • Product Name: Mugwort Essence
  • Product Brand: I’m From
  • I'm From Mugwort Essence
  • Product Size: 160 ml or 5.64 fl. oz
  • Product Price: $40.00

A brownish coloured liquid with water-like texture or consistency.

Nonetheless, it is slightly denser than water and is not too runny allowing an easy and more comfortable application.

The smell? Not sure what it smells like from my personal perspective.

According to the website, it smells just like the base ingredient, the Korean Mugwort herb.

If you are familiar with the herb, I believe you would know its “Chineol” scent. I didn’t know that, but now I know.

The scent is not pungent instead it is a very gentle and herb-like one making it very ideal for people that are sensitive to scents.

Stored in a very thick, transparent, and huge 160 ml glass bottle with a green lid that seals tightly.

Once opened, it has a tiny little opening through which the product would dispense.

To dispense it, you simply turn it over and allow it to run through the hole unto your palm.


100% Fermented Mugwort Extract!!!… That is all it contains, nothing else.

Here’s the most beloved part of this skincare essence. I guess that could be the reason it is one of the top-rated Korean skincare products—a top 5 of the holy grail, best amidst the best skincare products on Wishtrend in 2018.

We all know how rare it is to find a one ingredient skin care product that does what it promises.

The “I’m From Mugwort Essence” I believe is one of those rare gems.

Plus, the brand has a three promises mark of “Ingredient transparency – Honest Materials – No Harmful Additives.”

Said to have calming and healing effects that would be beneficial for those with acne-prone skin types.

Very soothing for sensitive skin types.

And, of course, the main purpose of skincare essences, super hydrating for all skin types, especially dry skin ones.

One could say, it is a one for all essence!

A Tale Of My 5 Months Experience With It…

My relationship with the Mugwort essence is about 5 months old. Implying we have both been through different roller coaster rides of skin concerns together, enough for me to be able to write a whole tale about it. Common, five months is not a joke, is it!

My Application Process / Skin Care Routine:

  • Cleanse my face with a gentle and non-irritating cleanser
  • Apply a toner. I stopped this after a while as the toner was drying for my normal skin.
    • Almost thought the dryness was caused by the essence but later realized it was guilt-free after stopping the toner.
  • Thereafter, I apply the essence following these procedures;
    • Pour a bit on my left palm, about 6 drops (sometimes a palm full)
    • Use my fingertips to dab on my face (and irritated areas on my body when needed)
    • Bring my two palms together, then gently pat on my face for better absorption—truth be told, it’s a more fun-tastic method and feeling.
    • Finally, an optimum hydrating effect is delivered deeply into my skin!
  • And Of course, complete the routine with a moisturizer and sunscreen.
    • Note that, I did not use any serum with it except during my experiments in order to see the effects of the essence itself.

An Experiment With The Mugwort Essence – “Using Natural Ingredients”

During those five months, after stopping the use of my toner, the first thing I tested the essence with was my DIY ACV and honey toner (Do It Yourself, Apple Cider Vinegar).

Secondly, I used it along with an Aloe and oil-based serum made by me.

The serum was formulated with Aloe Vera juice/gel, Sweet Almond oil, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E oil, essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree.

Thereafter, a hemp seed base facial moisturizer formulated with hemp seed oil and essential oils of tea tree and Ylang Ylang.

Finally, a different moisturizer formulated with hemp seed and sweet almond oil, with those two essential oils as well.

All these tests were carried out using pure organic and wildcrafted ingredients to see its reaction with other natural ingredients.

Remember, the Mugwort essence is an all-natural skincare product.

I'm From Mugwort Essence

Results Of The Experiment

When used alone, I love how easily it absorbs into my skin. My face never felt dry to the touch (realizes a moisturizer is needed by the way), it felt just normal after completely drying up.

Although a bit of a tingling sensation that lasted a few seconds was felt immediately after application, it does not make the face feel tight at all. Overall, I had a good first impression of it!

The use of the ACV toner did not disrupt the essence’s absorption in any way.

No skin irritations were experienced. In fact, the essence gives a more brightening effect on the face after every use.

Without the use of the essence, the serum often leaves a kind of shiny finish after application.

But, with the essence application before it, the serum tends to absorb well without any shiny finish, instead of a well moisturized and primed finish.

As a normal skin type person, I did not need to apply a moisturizer thereafter.

Here’s a little secret from that serum experience! To have that finishing effect, ensure the essence does not completely dry up before following it with your moisturizer or serum.

Trust me, your makeup would not need a primer thereafter.

The use of the moisturizer gives the same effect as the serum. There were no adverse reactions all through the tests!

My experiment brings me to conclude that this product is very compatible with other skincare products, especially those that constitute the ingredients used during the experiment.

The Conclusion Of My Tale

As a person with a normal and acne-prone skin type, I did experience some breakouts during my five months period.

Thanks to that (well not sure if I should be grateful for acne), I was able to see the effectiveness of the Mugwort essence with acne.

Normally, my acne lesion takes weeks to heal, but, with the essence it takes a few days maximum of seven, to heal.

Those acnes were sometimes experienced during my break from the essence, and I without any delay went back to my beloved essence, treating it like a magical potion for acne.

You wouldn’t blame me right!

In conclusion, its healing and calming effects were proven as seen from the preceding paragraph, just as it promises.

The only thing it did not work for was clearing completely my old acne scars and blemishes even though it did brighten my overall face and neck.

I guess a good Vitamin C serum should do an excellent job for that.

My Final Take On It…

Would I recommend it? Absolutely YES! It was honestly worth trying. I am so glad I gave it my time—It was filled with lots of prodigious events!

Would I Buy Myself After It Finishes? Of Course, I would! Worth investing in. Plus, it is a huge jar. Lasted five good months already, and I still have some left which should last me for the next month.

Even better if Wishtrend could include it in a beauty package for acne scars or so!

Here’s the end of my beautiful and exciting journey with the “I’m From Mugwort Essence”!

It always feels so good reading through them and replying to any questions you might have.

What do you think of it? Would you want to experience it as well? Write down your comments below.

Always Remain Exquisite, Graceful, Happy, and Healthy

Till another blissful time…


My Exquisite Body And Hair

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  1. You just made me go crazy about Mugworth essence. I will definitely try it and if I do not get those results, I’d come back for you lol

    1. You definitely would get a result! LOl😍… You would come back to thank me👍 for making you read through my experiences with it.

      Much love!😇

  2. Lindsay says:

    Hi Tohin – this is a great review of the Mugwort Essence, thanks you for being so thorough and especially sharing your own experience with it over 5 months. It does take time to see the benefits of a skin-care product so to read about your journey with the Mugwort Essence is really helpful. I’m going to try this for sure as I’m one of those Unnis you talked about! My skin will thank you I’m sure and I’ll be excited to start my own journey with the essence – I’m a great believer in using natural products on my skin and this seems a perfect fit for me. Thanks again!

    1. My greatest pleasure, dear Lindsay ‘Unni’😘!

      Awww, that was so sweet and cute of you “My skin will thank you I’m sure”, it gave me butterflies 💖 🦋.
      I wish you have an exhilarating experience in your journey with the essence!

      Much love…

  3. Louis says:

    I quite enjoyed your very honest and first hand experience of the mugwort essence. Like you, I’m also awed by how beautiful the Korean ladies are when I watch my favourite K-drama. I’m quite happy that you’ve unraveled this mystery and, I’m open to trying out the product if it’s as effective as what I see on screen.

    1. Tohin says:

      I always feel so excited to read the opinions of like-minded people like you, it sincerely brightens my day.
      You trying it out, I believe would be an astounding experience 😘🦋.

  4. Divican says:

    i am going crazy about this product in quotes,  ”Mugworth essence” it makes the skin soft wonderfully. I won’t hastate to visit the website and buy it for only $40. I must buy it via your confidence and as you said you have also tried it and it exceeded your expectations. So wonderful, I tell you.

    Thanks Divican

    From Kenya  

    1. Tohin says:

      Your words and reaction literally got me feeling more confident and pleased to have shared my experience with you all.

      I guess that is the satisfying feeling of providing helpful contents!

      To a more exquisite you… Tohin

  5. Chidiking88 says:

    Wow! This is a must buy for me. The reason is that I’m sensitive to scent(a mere allergy). Knowing that this has a gentle herb scent makes it very welcoming to usage. I have been hoping to come across organic, nature-friendly and skin-friendly skin care product like this one. Korean cosmetic products are known for their exquisiteness.

    The tale of its super hydrating and sunscreen quality for all skin types( like my dry skin nature), makes it a rare gem skin care product I must try. Thanks, Tohin.

    1. Tohin says:

      It’s my pleasure, Chidi.

      Korean cosmetic products are truly exquisite!
      I believe your lovely dry skin would eventually thank you for proving it with an ultra-hydrating essence like the Mugwort Essence. 👍👌😍

      Cheers to a more beautiful skin…

  6. Rgpratap says:

    Hello Tohin,

    Same as you, I am also very fond of Korean dramas. Their flawless white skin is something I truly enjoy watching. Moreover, the technique of taking care of their skin is a little bit different from other countries. In fact, I have never searched for the cosmetic products which are found in the market. But I do have done some search on a natural way of how to take care of our skin. This product is something new to me and I think it will be a good one of course. I already know about mugwort as a very useful herb.
    Well, thanks a lot for this informative article.


    1. Tohin says:

      Hello Ranao,

      As much as I love to hear from my audiences, I must say, it feels even better and more fantastic if we share something in common that we could relate to–just as we both have a common interest in KDramas.
      The fact that you are also aware of mugwort and its skincare benefits, made me realize your trying it would be a more satisfying experience. Rooting for that!

      Much love…

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