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How To Care For Your Body – “A Comforting Ritual”

Why is it that, The first part of the body that comes to mind when you see an article on body care, is the face? It is because…

It is the centre of attraction of your body, what identifies and distinguishes you from others, or just plainly because it is the norm. Whatever reason you have in mind is fathomable.

However, you should not forget the other parts of your body such as your neck, arms, main body, legs, and feet. Which are not less important than your face, and should not be deprived of love, attention and care.

As caring for your face is what you do every day, in this article, you will also learn how to care for your body.

And, trust me, it is definitely going to become “a comforting ritual” as well.

Your body care is broken down into two rituals; daily and weekly/bi-weekly.


Daily Body Care Rituals


1. Hydrate and Detoxify

The first step in your body care ritual is to start your day by drinking a glass cup of water. This helps to purify your Hydrate and detoxifyblood from toxins, while also hydrating your skin, and restoring your skin to that youthful, glowing, and healthy look.

Remember, don’t just limit your water intake to just a glass of water. In fact, the daily recommended water intake is 8 glasses.

Yeah I know, I know what you’re thinking… Drinking just water could be very boring! Don’t worry, those 8 glasses of water could be met by having tea, lemon water, and mineral water etc.

You can even be creative by mixing herbs (e.g. mints, ginger, cinnamon), fruits (like lemons, apples) and vegetables (e.g. cucumbers) to make your own bomb detox drink while also meeting your recommendation.


2. Mild Purification

This step focuses on outer body purification. It starts with using a dry brush in a circular motion from your lower Mild Purificationbody (begin from the feet) to your upper body towards the heart.

This process detoxifies your body by increasing your blood flow and draining your lymph.

In case you’re wondering what a ‘lymph’ is; it is a fluid in the body that contains white blood cells and helps to keep the tissues healthy while passing through the body channels.

Then you move to cleanse your skin with an effective but gentle body wash. You should always opt for lukewarm water for a rinse, not scalding hot nor extremely cold water.

A point to note; a shower is better than a bath, as the latter tends to dehydrate the body.

But, you can also go for a bath if you wouldn’t be spending a lot of time in there.

Finally, gently pat your skin with a towel to absorb excess water.


3. Moisturize

Some days following those hectic days, you wake up to realize the time is against you. Pop in and out of the shower. DMoisturizery and dress yourself up.

Then rush out of the house in other to beat the traffic. And, you completely ignore moisturizing your body.

Thereafter, you notice your skin doesn’t feel or look its best anymore.

Moisturizing your body is just as important as cleansing/purifying your skin.

If cleansing removes all sorts of impurities, moisturizing locks in the moisture from the shower–the aim of using a towel after a shower is just for excess water absorption not to completely dry out the water.

If you aren’t familiar with applying moisturizers (body butter, lotions, creams etc. that are suitable for your skin type) on a damp/semi-wet skin, you should give it a try, and write a comment later.

You would notice how your body would start to feel more soft, supple, radiant and healthy, plus it would thank you for that.

Remember to use more quantity, or richer products on those stubborn dry areas like the elbows, knees, and feet.


4. Protection

Always protect your body from extreme external conditions like heat and cold.

Protect the body from cold, and sun.

Dress warmly on those winter days; Irrespective of your dress sense, you’re beautiful in and out, and that also reflects how you care for your body.

With summer comes a lot of entertaining outdoor activities. So, you should have fun applying your sunscreen frequently.

Try as much as possible to stay away from stress and stressors (things that cause stress), and also learn to cope with or manage them.

You should, of course, be aware of the fact that stress is a natural requirement of life and an optimum amount of it is still needed to increase performance.


5. Sleeping Beauty

In your last daily ritual, you should be a Sleepsleepy beauty–not the ones from those fairy-tales, but you that is reading this article–which means sleeping on time and at the appropriate hours.

Since the skin regenerates between 10:00 PM and 02:00 AM, do let your body be asleep during those times.

In order to care for your body, Do not be a ‘Cinderella’ or a ‘Prince-Charming’ looking for his Cinderella all through the night, nor should you be a night owl.



Weekly/Bi-weekly Body Care Rituals

Step up your body care rituals once or twice a week with these indulging treatments; exfoliation and pampering found in the steps below.

1. Exfoliation


In this step, you are to provide your body with a more rigorous purification through exfoliating, to fade dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, remove the dead skin cells. Which also allows a better penetration of your moisturizer.

This step would replace dry brushing, and the method is the same as dry brushing. Just the tools are different (dry brushing uses a brush, and exfoliating uses a scrub or chemical).

Before exfoliating, you could chip in shaving or sugaring to remove those unwanted hairs.


2. Additional PamperingPampering

Here comes another creativity for you.

It’s okay to have some self-indulgence session like having a spa day with a bath soak, aromatherapy, manicure and pedicure, hair treatments, and any other relaxation method you can think of.

It is the essence of caring for your body in a comforting ritual!




I hope with this article, you have been enlightened on how to care for your body, and it has helped in relieving some of your worries while answering the questions you might have had prior to reading through this post.

The internet is vast with the knowledge that empowers us. So, new ideas are always appreciated. Drop in your idea/s below so we all can connect and be empowered together.




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  1. Shaina Griffin says:

    I thought these rituals were going to be a lot of work but it seems simple enough to incorporate into my schedule as a busy working mom. I like your tip about moisturizing. I usually dry off completely before applying lotion but I still get real dried out later.

    1. Hello Shaina,
      You are right, it’s human nature to find an unfamiliar thing difficult at first, but after taking a second and closer look at it, we often realise they’re not so different from the things we are used to.
      And, I’m so glad you like the moisturising tip.

      Warmest regards,

  2. I have hair problems for a long time. No matter what I did for hair, it’s still dry and no good. Your rituals give me so many ideas of how to caring my hair. It’s very simple too.

    I didn’t drink so much water before because I always need to drive. Drink too much will cause many troubles during driving. I think I have to change now for my hair.

    Furthermore, some of your rituals can best fit for my busy schedule. Especially the skin regenerates period, I will keep in mind. I will try to put down my mobile and go to bed earlier.

    By the way, do you have any products can be recommended to me?

    Thx for your sharing,

    1. Hello CT,
      For your dry hair, I would recommend you try doing a weekly deep conditioning treatment to add more moisture and lustre to your hair.
      My favourite when it comes to deep conditioning is a DIY (simply means “do it yourself”) with ingredients you can find in your kitchen.e.g

      1 fresh avocado
      1/2 a cup of coconut milk
      2 0r 3 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil. (or any other available organic product that you like)
      10 to 15 drops of your favourite essential oil (I love tea tree and rosemary essential oils)–OPtional.
      Remember to do a patch test on a small area of your skin (preferably the back of your palm) to check if you’re not sensitive to essential oils as they are quite pungent.

      Mix all the ingredients together, apply in your hair, cover it for 3o minutes or 1 hour with a shower cap, and rinse it off. Repeat this weekly or bi-weekly and you would see a great improvement in your hair.
      This has really worked great for my hair and I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from those who have used this too.

      If you feel you do not have time for this, you can opt for a conventional deep conditional from the store. Would definitely be posting something on this soon.

      All the best, and have a blissful weekend!


  3. Lane Onson says:

    I love drinking water. However, I can sleep and cleanse my skin a little better. I do need to take better care of and pamper myself.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. It’s my pleasure, Lane.
      Trust me you really do need to pamper yourself more, and by doing so, your body would thank you.
      It really does feels great to wake up to a healthy, fresh and good looking skin every morning.

  4. Tohin, thanks so much for this awesome article. Its really a wake up call for me. I really like a healthy skin but taking my time for pampering is what need to do. This piece really makes it easy. I’ll definitely try it out.
    Thanks alot

    1. Healthy Skin and pampering go hand in hand. The more you pamper your skin, the healthier it becomes.

      It’s so awesome to hear that it is a wakeup call for you.
      To a more healthy lifestyle!!


  5. Thanks for this article…… I’ll learn how to be a sleeping beauty now.what kind of soap is best for daily bathing?

    1. This would depend on your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, combination or sensitive.
      What is your skin type?

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