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How To Make Your Hair To Grow Faster – Real Facts You Don’t Know!

Are you struggling with growing your hair out, or don’t even know how to make your hair to grow faster?

Believe me, when I say, I was once in your shoes!

Albeit the fact that it is so true our hair grows every day, the sad reality is, both butt length and Rapunzel hair (or floor-length hair as some may call it) can’t be achieved without any kind of efforts whatsoever.

Even those who have good hair length retention put in some efforts, no matter how little it may be.

Let me tell you a bit about myself before we move on.”

Back Story; The Beginning Of A New Inspiration And Goal…

I remember when I was in high school and was still struggling with my short unmanageable damaged hair, I asked my hairstylist, with the innocence of an adolescent;

Rapunzel - Dream Hair
Rapunzel Hair

“How can I make my hair to grow?

I want to be a Rapunzel for real!

Not a witch captive, but one with very long hair. 

She looked at me with a funny facial expression, one that shows “Oh! something must be wrong with this girl”. And, she said to me;

“Tohin, I think it is better you apply hair straightening chemicals to your hair, it would make it more manageable.

That is the only solution I can offer you. About you growing out this hair of yours, I don’t want to give you false hope.”

I said to her,

“do you think I’m crazy and can’t differentiate reality from fantasies? And do you think my hair can’t grow out?”

“YES,” answered her!

“Okay, maybe my dream or goal of having a Rapunzel hair is an overly fantasized one for now. But, I will definitely grow my hair out no matter what, in a steady process.”

I replied back, and went on to say;

“Even though I can’t predict how long it would take me to at least reach my first hair goal–that is, collar bone length healthy hair–, I will come back to show you what my hair is like after reaching that goal.”

I know you must be curious by now whether that was a bluff or a serious conversation!

Well, I don’t know what my stylist had in mind. She might have considered it a serious conversation or not.

But, to me, that was a very serious one!

I sincerely wanted my hair to grow with passion and love, and I was determined to make it happen without minding anyone’s negativity or biased opinion.

Neither did I want to be restricted nor limited by my own damaged hair prejudice.

Truth be told, it was not immediately after that discussion I started my quest to achieving a healthy and lengthy hair.

In fact, we had that conversation back in 2012.

Whereas, I took my first steps towards achieving my set goal five good years after the discussion. It was in early 2017.

Starting out was not easy for me as I did not know what to do exactly to make my hair to grow.

None of the so-called magical products worked for me.

Little did I know what I needed was THE RIGHT INFORMATION and GUIDANCE before those products could prove their worth.

This brings me to the next section of the article.

What Determines Your Hair Growth And Length?

Everyone's Hair Grow - 'What Determines Hair Growth
Hair Growth

You have to know there is no product out there that can make your hair to grow magically overnight or within some few days, and sometimes even weeks.

I have never come across one. But, if you have, do let me in on it!

It takes time, effort, and the right lifestyle before you can start seeing a massive improvement in your hair length.

EVERYONE’s HAIR GROW. That is a fact!

Our hair grows every day except if you have a health issue or hair problems that require immediate medical attention.

What determines how long your hair would grow is the rate at which it retains its length.

Our hair all have a different retention rate! Or, commonly what we often refer to as our hair growth rate.

Here is what I mean by that;

Hair retention rate is the way your hair retain its length with little breakage or fall!

As it is natural for hair to grow, so it is for it to fall or break. But,

When the rate at which your hair falls or break is much more beyond the rate at which it grows, your hair then feels like it is not growing.

And, you are like I can’t grow my hair out while feeling frustrated.

As for me, It took almost a year for my hair to grow from the neckline just around my ears, to my collarbone or more like to completely cover my neck, and fall to my shoulders.

In other words, it took me a year to be able to minimize breakage and hair fall. After my hair breakage reduces, I could see my hair growth in action.

That was due to the retention of the growth without it breaking off as soon as it comes to life.

For you, the growth might be faster if the retention of your length is better. And your hair breakage and fall rate is not as high as its actual growth.

Do you understand this whole hair growth and length process now?

Setting Your Priorities Right!!!…

But First - 'Setting Priorities Right'
Your Priority

Let me ask you this question; what do you think should be the main priority when it comes to making your hair to grow out or even faster?

Of course, you are right, it is to make sure we are able to RETAIN our HAIR LENGTH!

And to do so, we would try as much as possible to bring hair breakage and fall to a minimum.

Thereafter, we can now focus on how to actually stimulate more hair growth.

Here is the reason behind this;

If your first focus is growth stimulation, you have to understand that without retaining length by reducing breakage, etc., that stimulation would be a wasted effort.


Because the more it grows the more it falls and break!

Then, you would be like; “oh no, these products, actions (or whatever it is you decided to used to stimulate more growth), is not working”!

Do you get the gist of it?

Whereas, once you have been able to keep hair fall and breakage at minimal, thereafter use something to stimulate your hair growth, you would see the stimulation in action, and your hair length increase would be so visible.

By now, you must be wondering how the heck can I retain the length of my hair for hair growth? and how should I stimulate more growth thereafter?

That is an excellent question dear friend, and it is what I will be discussing next!

How To Make Your Hair To Grow Faster – “My Length Retention And Growth Tips From Experience”

Tip 1 – “Set Hair Goals”:

To Do List - 'How To Make Your Hair To Grow Faster: Set hair Goals'
Hair Goals To-Do List

Before anything could be achieved in life, you have to set your goals towards that thing.

That way you know what you truly want, and will keep working towards it with determination and effort. 

The same thing applies to hair growth.

Once you set your hair goals, you know this is what I want to achieve with your hair.

And, whatever action you take would be towards reaching your goal.

Here’s what I did with my goals, I made them realistic and broke them into stages. You can do that as well.

That way it is not overwhelming, and it becomes highly motivating.

Of course, you do have a bigger picture in mind, for me, it is a butt length hair. But there are different stages to accomplish before reaching the big picture.

Keep in mind that setting hair goals is both length retention and growth stimulation tip.

How is that?

You can set things to do to prevent breakage and other strategies for hair retention as your hair goals. Do not worry, we will get to those things!

For example;

I mentioned in my back story about my first goal being, growing my hair to my collar bone.

It took time for me to realize, my first priority should be “how I would retain my hair growth”, before, I start focusing on faster growth.

But, as soon as I was able to pinpoint that, I included those in the goals for my hair growth journey. With this, we will move on to the next tip.

Tip 2 – “Healthy Eating & Staying Hydrated”:

Portion Control Sectioned Plate
Eating Healthily

The first thing I worked on was my lifestyle. It was my first goal towards achieving the #1 goal of the big picture–a collar bone length.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle like eating clean and drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated would have a great impact on your overall health and hair.

I know you must be thinking, “this tip is been overemphasized and used already”!

Yes, it is overemphasized, but, that is just how it is overly important and effective.

Living proof of the effect of clean eating on hair health is a favourite YouTuber of mine called “ChicNatural”.

Her hair became so many people’s goal, me inclusive after she went vegan. Check out her channel to verify that!

Of course, I am not saying until you go vegan before your hair would improve, that was only for reference.

Furthermore, it is only when you are healthy would you have the motivation to keep going.

Doing something good for yourself makes you feel so good and ecstatic, at the same time, it gives you this sense and feeling of accomplishment.

Your innermost self will start whispering to you as it does with me:

“Yes! this is me, I am a better person than I was. I’m never gonna change, nor ever gonna trade this me for anything else except something better.”

Yeah, that is what I mean, it is the attitude I want you to develop!

Here are some things you could incorporate into your diet to achieve a thriving healthy hair;

  • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and rich coloured fruits that are very high in nutrients and antioxidants like spinach, cucumbers, apples, carrots, avocados, etc.
  • Eat lots of protein and nuts like eggs, beans, peanuts, cashew nuts, etc.
  • Drink a lot of water daily before and after meals. Do you find drinking water a bit challenging, Try making it interesting and…
  • Make your own flavoured water (e.g apple slices infused in water), lemon water or tea.
  • Drink herbal tea like green tea. This could also substitute water.
  • Limit your alcohol intake, or better, stay away from it. This isn’t good for your liver remember.
  • Minimize junks and excessive eating. This can be achieved with portion control by sectioning your plate as seen in the picture.
    • It truly helps to keep it simple and moderate!

All these are things I have incorporated into my diet.

The truth is, it seems very difficult before you start, but, after starting you realize these are all easy and simple to do.

Tip 3 – “Adopt A Healthy Hair Care Regimen”:

Whichever works for you, adapt a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly hair care regimen that includes;

  • Cleansing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo for dry unmanageable hair. This prevents over stripping and helps to add moisture to it. 
    Cleanser, Conditioner, and Detangler for Hair
  • For oily hair, a deep cleansing shampoo that gets rid of all accumulated dirt and products build-up should be used. Ensure your cleansers are PH balanced.
  • About two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in a litre of water do a great cleansing job sometimes.
    • I have tried it many times already. I love it and it works great for me. You may try it sometimes!
  • You condition your hair after cleansing. And/or, do some hair treatments depending on its need.
    • The treatments to do would be covered in the next tip.
  • Detangle your hair by gently separating them from each other before cleansing, or after cleansing while applying conditioner to your hair.

The Importance & Effects Of Each Step In A Regimen:

Cleansing your hair of dirt and styling products build-up on your scalp and hair helps to stimulate growth. How?

Build-ups prevent hair treatments nutrients from penetrating into the hair strands.

Also, when you cleanse, as you gently rub your scalp, you are actually doing a massage in the process. This helps to stimulate growth!

Moreover, as you wash your hair, you also wash off any broken hair that might cause your hair to tangle up and cause it to break.

Conditioning helps to add moisture back to your hair. When hair is well moisturized, breakage naturally reduces. And, what happens when breakage reduces?

Hair detangling is a very compulsory and important step in any healthy hair care regimen for growth.

When the knots are taken care of and separated, it helps to minimize breakage thereby helping to retain hair length.

Tip 4 – “Nutritive Hair Treatments”:

Hair Treatments Gotten From The Kitchen
Hair Treatment From The Kitchen

Give to your hair the treatments it deserves, and it would give back to you the result you deserve.

As simple as that, what goes around comes around! 

Our hair gets nutrients from treatments such as:

  • Protein Treatment: An hair strengthening treatment that helps to minimize and prevent breakage.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment: This helps to return deep moisture into the hair. It prevents dryness, frizz, roughness, and unmanageability.
    • Adds lustre and shines to hair while bringing it back to its lively and youthful self.
  • Hot Oil Treatment: Hot oil treatment does the same as protein treatment and deep conditioning treatment by preventing hair breakage and adding moisture to it.
    • But, its main effect and purpose are to stimulate more growth.

There are two ways to go about the above treatments;

  1. Create them by using the things you have in your kitchen like the mixture of oil, avocado, and coconut milk as a deep conditioner.
    • The use of Olive or/and Coconut oil as hot oil treatments. Or
  2. Buy them from a local store or online store. For example, you buy herbs like henna and amla, mix them with water and oils to make a herbal home-made protein treatment.

Tip 5 – “Avoid Self-Induced Mechanical Hair Damage”:

These include but are not limited to;

  • Over touching or over combing your hair and not giving it space to breathe. Too much friction from rubbing causes hair to break. 
    Hair Styling Tools
  • Over styling – quite related to the first.
    • Do a hairstyle that would last you till your next was day preferably. Do can’t then keep it minimum at least.
  • Excessive use of chemicals. Colour, hair straightening, and perming treatments, etc.
    • Of course, I do appreciate the beauty a lot, but not to the point of inducing damage to my hair.
    • Rainbows can wait for months or years before you do them!
  • Excessive use of styling tools and heat. Flat irons, curlers, hot combs, blow-dryer, etc. are all declared guilty of hair damage and breakage when they are overly used. With this comes the next tip!

Tip 6 – “Heat In Moderation & With Caution”: 
Heat Styling Tools

Before doing any heat-related style and after doing it on your wash days,

Indulge your hair in any of the nutritive hair treatments;

Hot oil treatment, deep conditioning treatment, or protein treatment.

This would prevent your hair from losing too much nutrient with heat styling. And it would add back the lost nutrient to it after heat styling.

You should also make it a habit to always protect your hair with a heat protectant before doing the styles.

Tip 7 – “Scalp Massages”:

Head Massage

Scalp massages help to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and head.

This, in turn, yields and promote more hair growth

You can massage your scalp with the use of your fingers or a scalp massage device at any time such as;

  • While cleansing your hair.
  • While doing a hot oil treatment.
  • A random massage before bed.
  • As you style your hair.

There is no big deal about this. Whichever time is conducive for you, GO FOR IT!

Tip 8 – “Inverted Head Exercises”:

Inverted Head
Inverted Head For Growth Stimulation

Inverting your head allows blood to flow and circulate your scalp at a higher rate, that sudden change in blood flow rate helps to boost hair growth. 

Some ways to do this:

  • Lie on your bed with your head towards the floor.
  • Sit in a yoga position or like you want to meditate and bring your head towards the floor.
  • Do the prostration that Muslims and Buddhist do while praying.
    • In case, you don’t know how, you kneel down, then place your forearm and forehead on the floor.
    • Your head becomes inverted in that position.
  • Do some other exercises that involve lowering your back and head.

You can stay in any of this position for some few minutes. And try to do it a few times a week.

A good tip to make it less boring is to have fun with it and do some of them like the first one while doing some facials.

Tip 9 – “Periodic Hair Ends Trim”:

Hair Shears For Trimming Hair Ends

Trim your hair ends every 6 months or so with the use of sharp hair shears or scissors.

This helps to minimize split ends. It also helps you to maintain healthy hair. 

Do not attempt to use blunt shears on your ends, it would cause more damage than good!

I know you might be thinking, wouldn’t end trimming reduce my hair length?

Of course, you are right! Your hair length will reduce. But, your healthy hair will remain. What you are actually getting rid of is the damaged unhealthy split ends.

The faster you get rid of them before they develop and start making your hair to break off, the better!

Plus, once they are out of the way, you know the maintenance of your healthy hair is intact.

Tip 10 – “Periodic Length And Progress Check”:

Tape Rule For Hair Length Check
Tape Rule For Hair Length Check

The main aim of checking your hair length periodically is for the record and motivation. 

Do not get obsessed with length check by doing it every other day or weeks. It is best done twice a month or monthly. If you are patient enough, you can do it every three months or so.

Check your length, monitor your progress. See what has improved in your hair, that way you know if you need to stop doing something, or increase the frequency of something.

Know which goals you have reached, and the ones you are finding challenging to achieve. TRY SOMETHING NEW, to see if that would work better, and if it does not, do not be too sad.

From my experience, I can tell you it takes time and patience to achieve whichever goal you have for your hair.

And this brings me to the next tip. It is the conclusion of my tips and hair growth advice to you.

Tip 11 – “Consistency Is Key”:

Consistency Is Key To Success

When growing out your hair, you have to stay consistent.

Remember it takes time for success to come in anything, but once it arrives, you reap its sweetness. 


I am a very good example of while consistency is key;

Remember I mentioned about my first goal earlier, actually, that collar bone length goal of mine was accomplished the same year I started my healthy hair growth journey, in 2017.

After that, I set a new goal, it was for my hair to reach a back length towards and around the bra strap.

Of course, my other hair goals like manageability, and shine were also met with consistent hair treatments and hair care regimen even before I set my second length goal.

In July 2018, I was able to accomplish my second hair length goal.


Sounds great right!

Unfortunately, after my second accomplishment, comes a lot of setbacks.

My third goal was to reach the “Mid Back Length” (from the front, just before the belly button).

But, Tohin at that moment felt like she could relax with her legs stretched forth, and the hair will retain its length as it keeps growing, without her having to do anything. Wrong!

For 10 months straight, I did not stay consistent with my hair treatment and regimen. Sometimes I wash my hair without using any conditioner thereafter.

Forget about deep conditioning, hot oil treatment and protein treatments all became history!

It was not intentional though. Life was just too busy for me and was beginning to forget about the priority of my hair goal.

The effect of that was my hair remaining at that length for the remainder of 2018. I also had to struggle with lots of hair fall and breakage.

It was only until May this Year (2019) did I start to get back on track. Now, I can see it progressing. It is a tad bit beyond Bra strap length, and I experience minimum hair breakage.

You have learned from this experience of mine the importance of consistency. Come to think of it, what do you think would have happened if I had not deviated from my regimens?

I believe I would have achieved “My Third goal” of Mid-back length by now and would be working towards the big picture!

To Wrap It Up…

I hope you have learned a great deal from this article of mine, and I wish it would be of great use to you.

What are your hair goals if you have one? Do don’t have one yet, what do you plan to set as your first goal?

Which of my tips is your favourite? And what are the challenges you are facing concerning your hair?

Write down your answers in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Remain exquisitely beautiful in your faster hair growth quest… Tohin!

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  1. Pentrental says:

    Hair growth is a topic that many people would be interested to keep up on. With so many different products out there it is nice to gave some sound guidance. Goals are really important. This type of goal is measured in inches. It’s an interesting concept, measuring inches and months. Water is one of the most important things to remember to intake, but oddly enough it can be easy to forget. I’m interested in these inverted head exercises. I’ll be seeing about these further. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to more.

    1. Tohin says:

      Thanks for chipping in your opinion on the topic, Pentrental. 

      It is so true we sometimes forget about something that should be the easiest to do such as drinking lots of water. 

      How I personally deal with that is by filling my water bottles with water and lemon slices every day before leaving the house. The added lemon makes me enjoy it better.

      There will be many more helpful hair tips to come, you can always stay tuned for that!


  2. Todd Matthews says:

    Some of these tips for hair growth really jump out at me. Like the inverted head exercise, where this is the first time I’ve ever come across such a recommendation regarding blood flow and how it relates to hair growth. Interesting enough, I must say. Another element was how overusing chemicals, and styling products could also cause problems for hair growth, especially given the number of people who use such products on a daily basis. This article was an eye-opener. 

    1. Tohin says:

      Hello Todd,

      You’re right about many people not knowing about the relationship between inverted hair exercise, blood flow, and hair growth. 

      That was the reason I needed to include it in the post as it is something I personally do and which as helped tremendously along with others in my hair growth journey.

      So glad the post made it known to you!

  3. Abayomi says:

    This article is amazing,I really enjoyed every point made on how to make your hair grow very fast,with all the point made i considered two as most important,one is balance diet goes a long way in affecting the growth of the hair and the second one is limiting alcohol intake.Very educative article indeed,your level will surely go higher with this wonderful article.

    1. Tohin says:

      It is so good to know you were able to pinpoint some things and found the article to be very educative.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Feochadan says:

    Thank you, Tohin, for all of these practical things we can do for our hair.  The thing is, many are good for general health.  I think a healthy person will also have healthier hair that won’t break as much.

    When I was younger and having “Farrah Fawcett” hair was all the rage, I spent at least 1/2 hour per day with a curling iron and wondered why my hair wouldn’t grow!  Well, its very obvious from your article how much damage I was actually doing.  Thank goodness that style went OUT!

    Now, just looking after my hair, using conditioners and deep oil conditioning along with many of the other things you mentioned, my hair is bra length and I am quite happy with it that long.  I always dreamed of Rapunzel hair but it wouldn’t really fit with my lifestyle.  But one can always dream, right?

    1. Tohin says:

      You said it right, Feochadan. Dreaming is definitely not a bad thing!

      Also, you are not alone in the “Rapunzel” dream world, I am with you, and steadily flying towards it 😍🦋.

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