A Deep Conditioning Treatment... A Faster Hair Growth Essential
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What Is A Deep Conditioning Treatment? A Must-Have For Faster Hair Growth!

You must have wondered, “What is a deep conditioning treatment?” after reading in my top strategies to grow hair faster that, deep conditioning treatment is one of the most essential practices for faster hair growth.

Yes! It is indeed a fact, nothing can dispute that.

With that in mind, an in-depth look and understanding of what deep conditioning treatments are, why they are important, and what to look for in them, and some recommendation–more like a buyer’s guide–is what is going to be our focus in this article.

Furthermore, I am going to provide you with how I incorporate it into my hair care regimen. So, grab a glass cup of water and enjoy the ride!

What Is A Deep Conditioning Treatment? And… Why Is It Important?

Deep conditioning treatment as its name implies is a treatment that helps to deliver deep moisture and hydration into the deep layers of the hair cuticles.

Here’s what differentiates a regular conditioner from it;

A regular conditioner is formulated to help moisturize the hair after cleansing with shampoo.

This also makes the hair to be manageable as it lays back the cuticles that were opened while cleansing.

But, all the effects of a regular conditioner is just for a short period.

Although it does provide moisture, it does not deliver moisture and other nutrients deeply into those hair cuticles.

For example,

Have you ever noticed your hair becoming as dry as a noodle cake after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner without applying any hair treatments or styling products thereafter?

That is it!

You can also testify to the momentary effect of a regular conditioner.

This is why a deep conditioning treatment is important and highly essential for an ever-flourishing mane.

The nutrients within it penetrate deeper into the layers of hair, and…

Deep conditioners, unlike regular conditioners, have a longer effect on the strands.

Try incorporating an occasional use of a deep conditioner in your hair regimen and you would see what I am talking about.

Like forget about dryness whatsoever, your hair will start to feel more alive with lots of shine, less breakage, more manageability, flexibility, lasting styles, and of course healthy growth.

It would also prevent your hair and scalp from flakes and itchiness.

After seeing all these effects, you can come back to thank me later!

What Are The Types Of Deep Conditioning Treatments?

There are many types of deep conditioning treatment formulated to tackle specific hair concerns.

But, basically, there are mainly two types. All the others would fall into these main categories.

  • A Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Or sometimes referred to as a Deep Moisture Treatment–Article focus!
  • A Strengthening Deep Conditioner often referred to as a protein treatment.

If you have been researching hair care tips and products, I am pretty sure you have come across those two terminologies.

But if you haven’t, not a problem, now you know them!

The strengthening Deep Conditioners are often protein-based.

They are usually formulated to help strengthen fragile and thinning hair. (Deserves an independent article of its own)


To eliminate ambiguity, and for clarity, Strengthening Deep Conditioners will generally be referred to as Protein Treatments on any hair related articles on this website.

Like you must have noticed, protein treatments are not the focus of this article, but, rather, it is the Moisturizing Deep Conditioner which I would generally refer to as Deep Conditioning Treatments. Are we clear now?

Ingredients You Would Want To Look Out For In A Deep Conditioning Treatment (DCT)!

  • Water: An excellent base in any hair and skincare products.
    • It helps to keep the hair hydrated, thereby preventing dullness and dryness.
    • The result of this is growing healthy hair.
  • Vegetable Glycerin: This is a humectant that draws moisture from the atmosphere into the hair.
    • But take note though, if the weather is dry, it might actually be drying to your hair as there is no moisture to draw from the outside air.
    • This is the main reason you have to ensure there is water or other hydrating ingredients in your hair product alongside vegetable glycerin.
  • AloeVera Juice or Gel: Aloe Vera is a highly moisturizing ingredient that does not only help to deeply moisturize but also helps to promote hair growth with its strengthening property.
    • It is well-known for exfoliating properties which helps to remove dead skin cells from the scalp.
    • When aloe Vera is added to a deep conditioning treatment, it takes the treatment to the next level with the extra amount of moisture, shine, slip, and strength it adds to the hair thereafter.
  • Honey: No doubt this is one of my top favorites. It’s a DIY DCT essential.
    • Just like vegetable glycerin, honey is an awesome humectant you would not want to trade for in your hair treatment.
    • It reduces hair breakage thereby promoting growth.
    • The antioxidant property of honey makes it an excellent restorative and repair ingredient in deep conditioning treatments.
    • In fact, it is one of the top ingredients I love to look out for.
  • Coconut Oil: I know most of you are familiar with this.
    • Well, if you could tag coconut oil as this ingredient for all. I second that thought!
    • It is especially recommended for those of you with straight or fine hair. This is because its lightweight formula prevents it from weighing hair down while at the same time penetrating deep into the strands.
    • Of course, it can be used on curly and kinky hair as well. It prevents hair breakage and promotes growth.
    • Aside from wanting to see coconut oil amidst my DCT, I love to use it together with castor oil and tea tree essential oil as a hot oil treatment. I have seen a vivid improvement in my overall hair health and length.
  • Olive Oil: This is an excellent ingredient for split ends and dandruff.
    • It helps to strengthen the hair while at the same time healing damaged hair.
    • You could also use this as a hot oil treatment. But, the extra virgin olive oil is most preferable for that.
  • Avocado Oil: One of the main reason I love using deep conditioning treatments with avocado oil is there moisture richness.
    • Avocado oil in itself is an ultra-rich moisturizer that helps to stimulate hair growth when used.
  • Castor Oil (Black or Clear): Known for its conditioning properties.
    • It helps to reduce breakage, hair fall, and split ends.
    • This very thick oil (I guess it is the thickest oil I have ever come across) does not only help to strengthen hair, but also helps to thicken thinning hair while at the same time promoting faster hair growth.
    • The most common being the Jamaican black castor oil, but of course, the clear castor oil does pretty well too.
  • Shea Butter: Shea butter has made a good reputation for itself amidst my curly hair sisters due to its ultra-moisturizing effect.
    • It is also well-known for its hair thickening and strengthening effects.
    • Shea butter is an excellent addition in any deep conditioning treatment.

Below are essential oils that are well-known for there stimulation of hair growth and for fighting hair problems such as thinning hair, hair loss, etc.

You can either add them to your deep conditioning treatment yourself or they might have been included already.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Note: All essential oils must be used with caution. Do a patch test by applying a drop on your arm or the back of your hand to ensure you are not sensitive to any of them before adding them to your products.

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How To Do A Deep Conditioning Treatment - The Step-By-Step Guide!

Things You Will Need:

  1. Rat Tail Comb: For parting your hair. If you are so good with this, your fingers would do.
  2. A Detangling Brush: Your fingers could replace this as well. I love to detangle my hair with my fingers.
  3. Elastic Hairbands or Hair Ties: for packing your hair into sections
  4. Spray Bottle: For putting water inside.
  5. Water: To be poured in the spray bottle.
    1. Used to hydrate a dry section of your hair to keep it slightly moist before applying your deep conditioner.
  6. Deep Conditioning Treatment: Anyone from the ones in the gallery above.

Application Process

Before you apply any deep conditioning treatments to your hair, make sure your hair is clean.

Step 1:

Part and section your hair into 6 or 8 sections depending on your hair density.

Do not worry if you feel a section is too dense or thick, you can further divide it before applying your treatment.

Sectioning the hair makes product application a lot easier.

Also, you will be able to fully saturate and distribute the treatment uniformly to the hair strands without excluding or exempting anyone.

As you part a section, make sure you hold it in place with a hairband or cuff.

Step 2:

Scoop about half a teaspoon, more or less, depending on your hair density.

Apply on each section with your fingers and palms by gently working it in from the tip of your hair to its root.

Make sure your tip is well saturated. Remember it is the oldest part of your hair and the most susceptible to damage and other hair problems like hair breakage etc.

Careful not to use too much treatment as that would just be a wastage.

Step 3:

You can either use your fingers or comb to completely saturate your hair with the treatment and detangle it during the process.

I love to use my fingers as this allows me to better control the pressure I'm exerting on my hair which in turn minimizes breakage.

Also, with the use of my fingers, I don't apply my treatment in excess as I could feel when it is the right amount.

But, if you prefer to use a comb, ensure you handle your hair with care.

If you come across any tangle, instead of forcing the comb through it thereby break it off, try to use your fingers to separate them.

With the application of the DCT, the tangles would be easily separated. But, if you are still unable to separate them, use sharp scissors to cut out the tangle.

That is a lot better than exerting too much pressure with the use of comb or brush.

Step 4:

When you get to a section and you realize your hair is too dry, spritz it with the warm water in the bottle to keep it hydrated.

Warm water also helps to open your hair cuticles and allows for better penetration and absorption of the treatment.

You repeat the same steps from step 1 to 4 until your hair is fully covered with the deep conditioner.

Step 5:

In this step, you cover your hair with a shower cap, plastic bag or cap, or a heated cap. I use disposable plastic shower caps.

Thereafter you either sit under a hooded dryer or use a blow dryer--a great alternative when you are on a trip--for about 20 to 30 minutes or as directed on the product.

If you have no access to heat, that is okay, you can leave it be. You might just have to stay longer for like an hour or so before rinsing off the treatment.

Why do I have to cover my hair or even use heat?

Good question!

The heat from the shower cap allows the cuticles of your hair strands to open up, and they would better absorb the nutrients in the treatment.

Which is why it is called a "Deep Conditioning Treatment"!

Better nutrient absorption = Deeper Moisture = Striving and Healthy Hair Strands = Faster Growth & Longer Hair

To Wrap It Up;

If you truly want your hair to grow faster and longer, you definitely would want to incorporate a deep conditioning treatment in your hair care regimen.

Remember, what determines your hair length and growth is how much you retain your length by eliminating and reducing hair problems such as hair fall, breakage, and thinning hair, etc.


That is exactly what deep conditioning treatment along with these other practices help with.

You should not expect your hair to grow miraculously with the use of a certain product without having done your part.

What hair treatment do you use to bring moisture and luster back into your hair?

Have you ever tried using a hair mask or deep conditioner before?

Did you see an improvement in your hair thereafter or in the long run?

What are your hair concerns? And what other questions do you have regarding hair treatment and hair growth?

Leave all your reply and questions below, I would like to connect with you all.

I hope you will continue to thrive beautifully and healthily in your hair and skin...


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