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Best Korean Skin Care Products I Tried & Loved In 2019

As an avid beauty and Korean skincare lover, I like to invest my money and time on different products.

That way, I could try them out and be able to see if at all they would meet my expectations how effective they would be on my skin?

So, this year like always I decided to try a various range of products from cleansers to toners, and ampoules etc.

And, in this article, I am going to review and introduce you to the best Korean skincare products I tried & loved.

I am going to provide you with an in-depth description of these products and their claims.

I would also let you know my opinion as to what I think about it and will finish each of the products with their pros and cons.

But before I proceed, I want you to know that the products in this post are meant to target acne, pigmentation, and acne. They are meant for clearing them up a bit or completely. 

So, this post is going to let us see if they meet up to those expectations.

Review of “By WishTrend Clear Skin Package” – The Best Korean Skin Care Products I Tried & Loved This Year

Acid Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser

Price: $19.00

Size: 150 ml / 5.07 fl. oz.

Product Description

This cleanser is made with 1% LHA (Lipohydroxy Acid) and 1% PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) which is what defines its name “Acid Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser”. It can be used by all skin types.

Packaged in an exotic pink 150 ml bottle that has a pump dispenser. The packaging was completed with an extra pink carton box.

Acid-Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser for Clear Skin

The base ingredient of this gel cleanser is water, and some of the other ingredients that you may be familiar with are;

Beta-glucan, citric acid, and extracts of lavender, rosemary, thyme, willow bark, rose fruit, jasmine, hibiscus flower, chamomile, and calendula.

The product is cruelty-free and free of toxic ingredients like ethanol, silicon, artificial colouring & fragrance, and steroids.

Furthermore, it is a vegan-friendly cleanser and has a low PH of 5.0 ~ 6.0.

In addition to the above, it is non-comedogenic (meaning: it does not cause acne), that has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. A good advantage for acne-prone and sensitive skin types!

The cleanser is not recommended to be used around the eyes’ area. And, you should not use it with other AHA, BHA, and retinol exfoliants or skin care products.

You are recommended to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher if used in the morning.

This would prevent your skin from overly reacting to the UV rays due to the presence of the acids in it.


The claims of this cleanser are;

It would gentle exfoliate the skin and help to treat pores and sebum. The acids made with the product have little irritation effects.

With its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it would limit or reduce breakouts of acne, and keep skin irritations at minimum.

My Opinion… What Do I Think About? And, Did It Meet Up to Its Claims & Expectations?

You know what gives the first impression is a product’s packaging. The product is what catches once interest and often have a great impact on how one views it.

So, let me start by addressing how I felt about the packaging.

Truth be told, I appreciated and was impressed with its colour theme, “Pink”. Especially the carton box which has glittering effects that made it quite sophisticated and very pretty.

The pump makes it easy to dispense the right quantity. And because you can also open and close that pump, it prevents the cleanser from wasting when you accidentally press on the pump when you do not need it.

The only issue I had with it was most times I press on the pump multiple times before it finally dispenses the cleanser, which could be very annoying when you are in a rush.

I like that the scent is very mind even though it is not distinct. What I meant by that is It has a cosmetic smell to it rather than an easily identified natural scent. But, that scent is so mild.

I usually apply it on a wet face using my hands, and I must say it feels so good to be honest, especially because it has a gel consistency that makes it feel smooth on the face.

It does not foam much but will cleanse your skin super well without any residual. And, yeah it is not stripping at all.

I usually do a double cleansing if I did apply make-up before using it. It makes my skin feel so smooth every time thereafter.

From my experience, I would say it does meet up to its claims and exceeded my expectations. This is because it exfoliates my skin without irritating it.

My skin is very prone to acne, and it can’t do without a monthly breakout. The most annoying part is the scars it leaves behind.

But, ever since I started using the cleanser, my breakout was at a minimum for real. There were even times I did not have any acne. Not just that, the acne clear up without leaving any scars.

As for my old acne scars which are the stubborn dark spots, it did not clear them up and I did not expect it to do anyways. Moreover, my whiteheads reduce drastically. And, I did not experience any skin irritations whatsoever.

Keep in mind that although all these effects might be the synergistic effect of the use of all these products together, I must still commend the cleanser itself for being such an awesome one.


  • Mild scent
  • Very gentle on the skin as it does not sting, nor does it irritate the skin
  • Rinses off easily without you having to waste too much water
  • Can be used by all skin types
  • Cleanses well without drying the skin
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Safe and gentle enough to be used as a daily cleanser & exfoliant
  • Minimizes skin irritations like redness
  • Reduces acne breakout
  • Smoothens and freshens the skin


  • A bit pricey
  • The pump does not dispense well

Clear Skin Shield Patch

Price: $10.00

Size: 36 Patches in 2 sizes (12mm X 2 Sheets + 14mm 1 Sheet)

Product Description

This clear skin shield patch is made with hydrocolloid sheets. 

Here is what hydrocolloid means according to Wikipedia; The product is an opaque transparent wound dressing that adheres to the skin surface and is breathable and biodegradable.

The surface of this hydrocolloid dressing is made up of gelatin, pectin (it is mostly extracted from citrus fruit), and cellulose gum.

Clear Skin Shield Patch For Clearing Pimples, Acne, Dark sSots

Just as the Wikipedia description, that is what these patches are. They are meant to be used on acne lesions, scars, and spots.

A pack of the clear shield patch comes with three sheets, two has 12mm size patches, and one has 14mm patches. The number of patches on each sheet is 9, which makes it a total of 36 patches in a pack.

The patches can be worn on different spots on the face and leave on for up to 12 hours or overnight.

You are not allowed to apply or use these patches on a face with makeup.

For it to adhere better to the skin without it dropping off, it is recommended you use it on clean and dry skin.

Another thing you are recommended to do is use it on freshly popped pimples as it is most effective on that than on old scars.

It can be used by all skin types and is cruelty-free.


The claims of this product are as follows;

It does not irritate the skin as it cares for pimples and breakouts spots.

Also, meant to protect the skin from dust, dirty water, and prevent the skin from all sort of physical contacts like touching.

Helps to absorb impurities from the skin.

It does not completely remove or dissolve pimples. Instead, it is supposed to fasten the healing process of acne scars, reduce the size of pimples, and minimize inflammation severity.

Furthermore, it would help to minimize swelling and redness.

My Opinion… What Was My Experience Using It? Did It Meet Up to Its Claims?

First thing first, the blue packaging which is already described above, is like the packaging of sheet masks from the outside.

12mm & 14 mm sizes of Clear Skin Shield Patch

Since that was the first time I was using it, I had to read the direction multiple times so as not to make mistakes.

One thing I don’t like about it is you need to be extra careful when peeling the patch from the inner plastic sachet they are patched on before you use it.

That is because it can easily fold over or even patch on your fingers instead, which would be a waste as you won’t be able to unfold it, and once it is on a place you don’t want it to be, it becomes a total waste.

Anyways, I was able to figure that out. I use my fingertips, more like my nails to carefully lift it up.

As recommended, I cleanse and dry my face before using it. And I prefer to patch it on my pimples and scars before going to bed so it can stay longer.

It never irritated my skin as it claims, and it was truly helpful at quickening my pimple healing process.

Another good thing is, whenever I see a pimple is about to pop up and has a bit of swelling, I patch it before it fully forms, and it would completely disappear.

That way I see its effects better and faster than when the acne or pimple is completely formed.

I love the fact that when the patches are on, they prevent me from touching my face because I would stumble upon them whenever I try to touch it.

You know that touch-touch temptation right! Do not worry, they would help you overcome them as they did with me.

Anyways it completely meets up to its claims as it helps me to minimize skin redness, swelling pimple and its size.

I could also see it absorb impurities from my skin because I usually see dirt on the patches after I remove them from my face.

The patches would turn from transparent white colour to brownish-white opaque due to the impurities on them.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • It has a neutral scent. Which means it is unnoticeable
  • Can stay on the face or skin for longer
  • The product is cost-effective with three sheets in a sachet and a total of 36 patches.
  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • Fastens acne healing process
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Protect skin from irritations because of over touching it
  • Gets rid of skin impurities and acne-causing dirt.


  • It can easily fold over if you are not careful while lifting it up
  • It can easily patch on a wrong place like your fingers for example.
  • You can’t use it after applying makeup for it to be effective.

Multi Function Cotton Pads

Price: $3.50

Size: 70EA (50 x 70mm)

Product Description

The multi-function cotton pads as its name implies is used with a toner to further cleanse the face and gently exfoliate the skin.

Multi Function Cotton Pads-  2019 Best Korean Skin Care Products

This product is made with cotton and felt—a matted fabric derived from fibres.

It has a double side of which one side is a bit rough for exfoliating, and the other side is smooth.

The product is recommended you firstly use the rough side along with some drops of toner to wipe off remaining impurities, starting from the centre of the face to the outer part of it.

Thereafter, you pour the toner on the smooth side and press on dry areas for more hydration. You are highly recommended to apply it with Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water for best result.

It has not been tested on animals and can be used by all skin types.


Minimizes skin irritation when the smooth or low-irritation side is used.

The exfoliating side would help remove dead skin cells.

My Opinion… How Do I Feel About It? Did It Do What It Was Meant To Do? Would You Buy It Again?

The product is packaged in a transparent tote-like plastic bag that does not cause any hassle while trying to pick the pads from it. Just a few times when you might mistakenly pick two pads at a time which has nothing to do with the packaging.

Although I prefer the “Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton pads” to it, which is my favourite, I still personally like the texture of these pads.

They are very soft, even the exfoliating side is not rough nor is it harsh on the skin. They easily glide smoothly when wiping my face with them.

Something I notice is they do not absorb too much product which prevents them from wasting it. I usually spread the pads with about four drops of toner, even less, and the pads would be well saturated with that.

I also like that you won’t see any cotton residual on the face after using it, unlike some cotton pads.

Careful while using the exfoliating side, because the exfoliating sheet can easily come off. To prevent that, I place the pad on my middle finger and keep it in place by holding it firm with my index and ring fingers.

I decided to use these pads with my Mandelic acid toner because that was the recommendation, and I would say it was a good alternative to my favourite pads.

So, I would buy them any time Mate 2 in 1 pad is unavailable, or I need to use the Mandelic toner.


  • Super soft
  • Gently exfoliates the skin
  • Does not waste product
  • Delivers the toner smoothly on the skin
  • Does not fall apart except the exfoliating sheet that removes after using it for a while
  • Does not leave cotton residual on the face
  • Very affordable at $3.50 with 70 pads in a pack


  • The exfoliating sheet often come off the pad even before using it sometimes

Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

Price: $22.00

Size: 120 ml / 4.1 fl. oz.

Product Description

Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water as you can see from its name is made with 5% Mandelic acid, a much less irritating acid than hydroxy acid like AHA and BHA. This makes it very ideal for those with sensitive skin.

It has a base ingredient of water followed by Mandelic acid.

Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water with Ginseng & Almond

Other ingredients are beta-glucan, hydrogenated castor oil, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, and extract of liquorice root, sweet almond fruit, Centella Asiatica, etc.

Because it is designed as a daily exfoliator that preps the skin before the application of other skincare product, this product can be used in place of a toner. But if more hydration is desired, use a separate toner after it.

It has a watery consistency and a mild scent.

Application of a sunscreen is highly recommended whenever this product is used in your skincare regimen.

It can be used by all skin types and is best used after cleansing before the applying toner if needed.

Free of ethanol, silicon, steroid, artificial colouring and fragrance. And has not been tested on animals.

The PH of this Mandelic water is 4.5 (+ or -1) and it is vegan-friendly.


It smoothens dull rough skin and removes dead skin cells with its gentle exfoliation.

It would help to even out and brighten the skin tone.

The texture of the skin would visibly improve, and moisture is delivered to the skin as it soothes skin irritation.

Did It Meet Up to Its Claims? My Opinion…

Yeah, it absolutely did! If not, I would not have included it here.

It comes with a screw-style outer lid and a second inner lid that has a small hole through which the prep water would dispense.

I don’t have any issue with that by the way as it allows me to drop just the right amount my skin needs or desire at a time.

The packaging is completed with a shiny dark brown carton box.

By WishTrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water - Best Korean Toner For Acne-Prone Skin

I use cotton pads to apply this prep water and use it in place of toner as my skin is normal, not dry. So, the moisture it provides is enough for my skin.

If you have overly dry skin, you may want to build it up by applying an extra layer with your fingers after swiping with the pads.

Another alternative for dry skin is to follow it up with a toner.

I do not experience any skin irritations using it. In fact, it instead minimizes my whiteheads and sunburn.

I also noticed an improvement in my dark spots and acne scars.

The product gives a mild tingling sensation on first application and contact with the skin, but this effect disappears with time.

Even though it is recommended to be used 3 to 4 times before applying other products (2 to 3 times for sensitive skin), two application does the exfoliating job for me.

There are many times I only it once, so try and follow what works best for you.


  • Not irritating to the skin
  • Absolves quickly
  • Smoothens rough skin, and
  • Even out skin tone
  • Improves hyperpigmentation and acne scars
  • Limit and reduce acne breakout
  • Last for a long period
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin types
  • Minimizes whiteheads
  • Soothes sunburn and redness


  • Gives a tingling sensation which some people may not like even though it so mild
  • A bit pricey

Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule

Price: $32.00

Size: 30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz.

Product Description

An ampoule for those of that don’t know is a serum that has a much higher concentration of active ingredients.

And because their consistency is denser and thicker than that of toners and essences, they are applied after those two.

Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule Best Korean Serum For Clearing Hyperpigmentation

Just as you have read, ampoules are still serums in a nutshell! So, let’s continue with the description of this product.

This product is made with 59% chameleon plant extract also known as fish mint (Scientific name – Houttuynia Cordata) as the base ingredient instead of water.

This ingredient according to this research, has been shown to have many properties that are well needed and essential for various skin concerns like acne, sensitivity, irritations, etc.

These properties are; antiviral (prevent virus infections), antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, highly effective, gentle on the skin, and provides immune activity against skin diseases.

Followed by that is 15% propolis, a natural ingredient derived from bees. 

The product is known for its antioxidant and antibiotic properties.

It is exceptionally effective at fighting infections, healing acne scars and wounds, treating acne, and many other skin conditions.

Some of the other ingredients are water, sodium hyaluronate; and the extract of holy basil leaf, red seaweed, red root, pomegranate fruit, witch hazel, chinaberry tree flower, Korean perilla, and turmeric root, etc.

Note that the scientific names of these ingredients are what is listed on the ingredient list, but I decided to write out their generic names for ease of understanding. 

So, do not come at me if you can’t find the word turmeric or holy basil being listed!

It has not been tested on animals and has a PH of 5.6 (+ or – 0.5).

Well after going through the ingredients we could see that the product does not hold any toxic ingredients like silicon, artificial colouring, artificial fragrance, steroid, and ethanol.

It has been made to be used by all skin types.


It helps in soothing and improving acne. Sensitive skin would improve due to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It nourishes the skin and enhances the activity of its immune system.

Did It Meet Up to Its Claims? Mine & Others Opinion…

It came in a 30 ml glass bottle and a dropper style lid like many other serums, which I did love.

Polyphenols In Propolis 15% Ampoul with Its Dropper Out

The packaging was completed with a carton box that secured and protected the bottle.

I use it after cleansing and toning my face without using an extra serum, you can if you wish, but I think it is not necessary.

This is how I use it, with the use of the dropper, I drop the ampoule on my nose, forehead, cheek, and chin. Then tap it into my skin until it is fully absorbed, using my fingertips.

My application process was hassle-free because it absorbs easily, and I love how it makes my face silky smooth after applying it.

I do have a normal acne-prone skin that becomes dry and sensitive sometimes.

So, this ampoule really did what it claimed to do by helping me soothe my skin’s sensitive reactions like redness and itchiness.

It also helped with my acne a lot. This is because they heal very fast without leaving a scar behind while I was using the ampoule. My skin became brighter, looks and feel plumper.

Plus, I must add that the ampoule is so moisturizing to the point that I feel tempted not to use a moisturizer after it.

I did not give in to my temptation because I always wanted to seal in all the goodies from the propolis ampoule.

In case, you are wondering if it is sticky or not, NO it is not. It helps in achieving a flawless glass-like effect after applying makeup.

All the above is from my personal experience with it.

Whereas many others also reported it helped in reducing and clearing dry patches, smoothens the skin, and many of the effects I experienced myself.

One thing to note is, even though I did not find it sticky, some reported it felt sticky on their skin.

Therefore, strictly from my experience, I believe the “Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule” is the best serum or ampoule I used this year.

It was remarkably helpful and highly effective at diminishing my hyperpigmentation, and it drastically reduced the old dark spots I got from my acne scars.


  • Quite affordable for all the effects that could be derived from it. (Many others with similar properties that are not even as effective would be around $70 if not more)
  • Easy to apply
  • Hassle-free dropper dispenser
  • Brightens and smoothens skin
  • Fasten acne healing process
  • Clear hyperpigmentation
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Super hydrating
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Cruelty and toxic ingredients free


  • Wish it came in a bigger bottle or has a larger version

Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream

Price: $28.00

Size: 50 ml / 1.76 oz.

Product Description

This product, Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream can be used by all skin types. It has an overall Vitamin constituent of 75%.

The product is packaged in a 50 ml tub that has two lids, an inner one, and a screw-style outer lid.

By WishTrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream for Brightening Skin

The product is made with sea buckthorn water as the base.

Sea buckthorn is a vitamin-packed ingredient that helps in boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

It can also provide both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects


Some of the others are sunflower seed oil, glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, palm kernel oil, panthenol, dimethicone, beeswax, palm oil, citrus lemon peel oil, and macadamia.

The vitamin cream has not been tested on animals and is vegan-friendly. Free of artificial colouring, fragrance, ethanol, and steroid. And, it has a PH of 6.0 (+ or – 1).

You can use both as a day and night cream, just ensure you follow it up with a sunscreen during the day.


It would clarify and brighten the skin due to its high amount of Vitamin. Also, would deeply moisturize and help soothe the skin.

It absorbs super well without any sticky finish. It makes the skin feeling silky smooth without any oiliness.

My Opinion… Did It Meet Up to Its Claims? What Do Others Think About It?

I like that this cream has a gel-like texture which allows it to glide smoothly unto the skin.

Usually, I use it at the second to the last step of my skincare regimen before I apply sunscreen, and it absorbs well and does not feel sticky, just as it claims.

My Vitamin Maximizing Cream One of The Best Korean Skin Care Products I used & Tried In 2019

It also moisturizes my skin well without leaving an oily finish.

I simply do not like how it makes my face feel hot, so I would not recommend you use it when the weather is super-hot.

But, if you are going to use it, try to use very little. Do not worry, that goes a long way because of how moisturizing it is.

When I use it at night before going to sleep, my skin feels so fresh and soft the next morning. It is exactly while I love using it as a sleeping pack despite not liking its heat effect.

I did notice the brightening and clarifying effect as it claimed, but I do not want to say it is solely because of this vitamin 75 maximizing cream.

That is because I was using it along with the propolis ampoule above, which also has lots of clarifying effect even when I used it with other products.


  • The product is so moisturizing
  • Not sticky
  • Does not make the skin to be oily
  • Applies smoothly
  • Absorbs well and easily
  • Gives a silky-smooth effect on the skin after using
  • Great for oily skin
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Reasonable price
  • Brightens skin
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • It is a portable size that fits easily in a travelling pouch


  • Contains ingredients some people may frown upon like dimethicone and butylene glycol
  • Makes my face feel hot
  • Wish it came in a bigger tub or has a larger version

In Conclusion,

what do you think about these favourite clear skin products of mine?

Which of them would you like to try out to clear your pimples, blemishes, and dark spots?

Are you also an avid Korean beauty lover? If yes, which Korean beauty or skincare products are your holy grail products?

Write down all your answers, comments, and other questions you may have on skincare and skin conditions in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Wishing You Many More Beautiful Self-love Moments!


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  1. Henderson says:

    Wow, this Korean skin care product looks like the real deal to me. I didn’t know that there are so much made by the koreans. One thing I like here is that you gave the link to where I can easily get them as well. Will be very nice to have these. I think I should buy the Acid Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser because you have used it and testified that it is awesome. There are only a few cons as well which makes it perfect. Nice one!

    1. Tohin says:

      Glad you found the links to be helpful, Henderson.

      That was the main reason for linking them (aside from the fact that buying from those links earns me a commission at no additional cost to you), to make it easy for you to find where to get them without having to go through the stress of surfing the web for them again.

      Thank you for stopping by!🤗


  2. Benson says:

    Hello Tohin, I have seen a couple of skincare products that are really good and they are not known to so many people. the list you have given of these best Korean skincare products are wonderful and like I said most of them are not known to a lot of people and even myself. My little girl is already having some traces of acne on her face and going by the fact that she is still small and her skin may be too sensitive, we haven’t tried any skin treatment product yet. Would you suggest an of this products of we see a specialist to access it ?

    1. Tohin says:

      Hello Benson,

      I highly recommend you firstly see a dermatologist.

      Also, the good thing is that all these products are safe and gentle enough to be used as a teenage skincare product. I believe they might just be right for her tender skin!



  3. John says:

    Wow, there are so many products to choose from ranging from cleansers to cream and cotton pads. I like the post mostly because you have actually made use of the products before gic=ving us tour insight. It will be very nice for me to buy the cleanser and also get some for my girlfriend as well. She has always been talking about the Korean skincare products and how effective they are. Thanks for this

    1. Tohin says:

      The pleasure is mine, indeed, John.

      Thanks for stopping by, and trust me when I say, your girlfriend is definitely going to love the “Acid Duo Cleanser” as much as I did.

      Much love!🤗


  4. Donny says:

    When choosing skin care products I always make sure I get one that smells good, I love smelling and my skin easily gets irritated so I try To make sure by all means I use the most recommended yet affordable. From the list all of the skin care products are on the affordable side, are these listed in order or randomly. My sister uses the Acid Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser at times and I have used it before a couple of times too, I think I may want to get my own.

    1. Tohin says:

      I appreciate your stopping by, Donny.😊

      They are listed in order of usage, like how you will use them in your skincare routine.



  5. Bella says:

    These are some really nice products and funny enough I have made use of a couple of them which worked perfectly well for me without any side effects to it. Currently, I am free from any skin issues, but a friend who is in need of a trusted skin product made me make this search and its nice to see some of the products I can trust. I will share this post with her so she can see for herself. Personally, I am interested in the Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water from its benefits. I don’t wish to have any skin issues. Cheers

    1. Tohin says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Bella.

      Trust your friend is going to like them!

      Much love!🤗


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