Annmarie Gianni Purify Gift Set Review – Part 3 “Purifying Facial Moisturizer”
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Annmarie Gianni Purify Gift Set Review – Part 3 “Purifying Facial Moisturizer”

In a face care product set that is made up of five products (Initially consisted of four, and the reviews are based on those four), the purifying facial moisturizer I would say is my #1 favorite in the complete set.

Part 1 of these reviews was an in-depth introduction to the cleanser in the set, while the second part gave you an insight into my experience with the toner in it.

This Part 3 of Annmarie Gianni Purify Gift Set Review will be a discussion about the ‘purifying facial moisturizer’. You should stay tuned for the well-detailed narration of my experience with it.

Now, my first question is, ‘what type of facial moisturizer do you prefer?’

Is it oil based, or water-based moisturizer? Either one you choose would most likely depend on your preference. Although there is a myth that oil-based moisturizers are not ideal for oily skin types, it is not always the case because it most often depends on which oil you are using.

In fact, there are many oils that work better on oily skin types than they do with other skin types, and it is the case with this one.


Product Description

Ø Product Name: Purifying Facial Moisturizer (Herbal Facial Oil)  Purifying Facial Oil (Herbal Facial Oil)

Ø Product Size: 15 ml

Ø Individual Product Price: $43.00 

Ø Cheapest Place To Purchase: Click here or on image

An oh so divine facial moisturizer that comes in a15 ml dark glass bottle. This keeps it secured from various sources of light. It has a pump head for easy dispensing thereby minimizing wastage as well. About two to three pumps are enough to cover the whole face.

To complete the deluxe yet simple packaging, it comes with an added cover that keeps the pump in place when it is not in use.

This herbal facial oil is oil-based. I found myself accustomed to it very quickly even though it happens to be the first oil-based moisturizer I ever tried.

Trust me on this, when you use the right quantity, and you do not allow your face to dry completely before applying it, never does it leave a shiny finish. Instead, it keeps one’s face feeling very moisturized, soft, and supple.

When it comes to the smell, you also would be able to attest to its wildcrafted nature as it smells so good and divine. I can not really describe what it smells exactly like, but I would say it gives a Serenity-like sensation that always makes want to have more of that fragrance.

To be honest, I always find myself looking forward to the moisturizing step in my routine due to that and the way it feels on the face after application.

The consistency of the oil is neither too thick nor too light. It is balanced in between. And I would like to emphasize that a little of it goes an exceptionally long way.



The first on its ingredients list is grapeseed oil infused with herbs such as white willow bark, barberry bark, basil leaf, goji berry, hibiscus flower, echinacea purpurea, licorice root, milk thistle seed, meadowsweet, neem leaves, bitter orange peel, rosemary leaves, and green tea.

Grapeseed is known to be a very ideal oil for oily skin types due to its very light and easily absorbed nature. The infusion of herbs like neem, green tea and white willow bark that are known for their cleansing, healing, calming, and pores unclogging properties gives this oil an added advantage for acne-prone skin types.

The oil blend is also formulated with other ingredients like hazelnut oil, carrot seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, black cumin seed oil, passion fruit oil, red raspberry seed oil, rosehip seed oil, and Vitamin E oil etc.


What I Love About It

I love the smell! It does not give an overwhelming scent as some oils do, nor does it give any pungent and choking aroma like some conventional moisturizers for example. Which makes it very ideal for someone who is new to organically made skin care products.

I also love its texture and consistency. It absorbs very well without leaving a greasy finish on my face. Plus my face always feels smoother and brighter after each use.

The acne inflammation on my face drastically reduced when I was using this oil and the complete set. I didn’t experience any new acne formation and my scars healed quickly. The only things that were not eliminated were my blemishes though my whole face often looks brighter after my skincare regimen.

This brings me to say, the next time I place an order for another set, I would love to try out the brand’s ‘Citrus stem cell serum’ specifically formulated to brighten the skin to see if it would work better on blemishes.


What I Was Not Familiar With

I think this was the only product in the set I had no issue with during my first experience with it and with continuous use. I love everything about it from the packaging to the scent and the texture.

Just one thing though, do not be tempted to apply too much or keep pumping if the bottle seems like it is not dispensing enough. The little that is being dispensed is enough to cover your face and do a good moisturizing job.

At first, that might seem strange if you are used to using a water-based moisturizer that needs you to apply a lot before it feels right. But, as time goes on you will get used to this as well. You do not need too much at a time, the 15 ml size bottle I believe would last you longer than expected as it did with me.


My Skin Care Regimen With The Complete Annmarie Gianni Purify Gift Set

  1. I start with removing my makeup with my home-made oil blend of sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil (infused with amla and neem herbs), tamanu oil, and jojoba oil.
  2. Thereafter, I wipe the dissolved makeup and oil with a facial paper towel or cotton swab.
  3. Splash my face with water and follow it up with the citrus mint cleanser. During this process, I love to give my face a gentle massage.
  4. I then rinse off the cleanser, gently pat dry the excess water, and apply the rosemary toning mist with a cotton pad. About two to three sprays on the pad are enough. Sometimes I do decide to mist my face with the toner thereafter.
  5. To complete the regimen, about 2 to 3 pumps of the herbal facial oil is usually pumped on my fingers tips. I dab them on my damp face starting from the cheek to the forehead, to my nose and my chin. And in circular motion apply all over my face (my under eyes inclusive) and neck.


In Conclusion

My experience with the purifying facial moisturizer was a splendid one without any challenges. Unlike the other two products—the cleanser and the toner—I got accustomed to this right from the first use. And just like them, I was and still in a lovey-dovey relationship with it.

Would I recommend it? Of course, YES!

It is my most beloved of the full set. I believe you giving it a try would be an overall delightful experience.



Does the facial oil or moisturizer seem like something you would like to try? Write down your comments below.

Here is another beautiful end of my conversation with you. Hope you continue to thrive in good health and lovely skin!

Till another blissful time… Tohin



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  1. This is a piece of great information on facial moisturizers. I’m using local products here in Japan.
    I do however love your recommendation on your article. I’m pretty sure to grab and try the Annmarie Purify Gift Set for a trial.

    Thank you so much for this.

    1. I’m glad you found the article to be informative. Pretty sure you’re going to be enthralled with the “Purify Gift Set.”

      Much Love!!…

  2. Benjamin says:

    Thanks for the helpful information – it was also very helpful to share is positive effects for acne inflammation – that is a very nice bit of information to know as I know of many people who have struggled to find something that really works well for it.

    1. Hello Benjamin,
      I’m so glad you found it helpful. I know right, the struggle is real!

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