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Annmarie Gianni Purify Gift Set Review – Part 2 “Rosemary Toning Mist”

If you have read the part 1 of this review, you already know by now what prompted me to invest in all-natural and organic skin care products, and you also do know how I came about it.

A more vigorous skin care regimen starts with cleansing, followed by toning. And, this “Purify Gift Set” did justice to my skin care regimen by including all the necessary products.

Toners are usually formulated to help take the cleansing process a lot further. They help to cleanse of the skin of the debris that cleansers didn’t get rid of.

They even go further than cleansing by helping to even out the skin tone by getting rid of dead skin cells, help to balance the skin’s oil production and help the skin barrier to allow a better and easy penetration of the other products that are going to be applied after it.

Well, you just read about the benefits toners can offer to your beloved skin, and I must add, those are so true. If you are a big fan of toners like myself, I believe you do understand and have experienced all of that.

And, if you are not a fan of toners or just do not really care about them, I believe you should try them out, and give them the benefit of the doubt. With time, before you realize it, you also would become an advocate of toners!

That sounds fair enough right! It is simply because you would start to notice how much better and improve your skin health would start to feel and look.

By the way, enough about toners in general, and let me tell you more about this particular product, the “Rosemary Toning Mist” in the “Annmarie Gianni’s Purify Gift Set”.



Product Description

Size: 50 ml Rosemary Toning Mist

Price: $33.00

Cheapest Place To Buy: Click Here / On Image

This is an Aloe Vera based product. In case, you did not know, Aloe Vera helps to balance the skin’s PH level, as it is PH balanced itself (which means it is not too acidic, nor is it too alkaline. This is in between—neutral).

I especially love products that are PH balanced. Plus, the benefits of Aloe Vera such as its calming, soothing, and hydrating effect gives this toner a +1 advantage.

All in all this toner is formulated with seven (7) organically grown and produced ingredients. They are:

  1. Pure Rosemary Distillate
  2. Aloe Vera Juice that is infused in herbs such as;
    • Neem
    • Thyme, and
    • White Willow Back
  3. Aspen Bark Extract, and
  4. Mineral Salt

I love how the ingredients are so few and simple with no added chemicals or any other synthetic ingredients. Anyways, it would no longer be natural, nor would it be organic if it contains any of those. Remember the saying, “Simplicity Is Key”! It truly proves that.

It has a water consistency. This is stored or packaged (whichever word you prefer) in a glass bottle with a pump-like spray nozzle, and an additional plastic lid to keep it secured.

And, just like its name “toning mist”, the pump is designed to be mist or sprayed over the face when dispensing. Sometimes that makes me feel like I’m wasting the product without it covering my whole face.

So, instead of spraying it directly on my face, I would just spray about two pumps on a cotton pad to cleanse my face, thereafter spray an additional two to three pumps on my palm, then apply by gently patting it on my face.

My own personalized method of using it makes me feel more satisfied with the toning step in my routine. Also, some other times, I love to mist it over my face after applying makeup, that is just because of my love for its citrus-like scent.

This is ideal for all skin types!



What I Love About It

I love the scent. It has a distinct citrus aroma even though there isn’t any citrus in the ingredients list. That aroma could also be because of the rosemary distillate and the combination of the other ingredients present in it.

Why I’m I even stressing myself out about what constitutes the smell? I love the scent, cool!

Anyways, another thing I love about it is how well it cleanses my face. I usually notice some dirt stain on the white cotton swab after the first swabbing on my face. But it gets better and well cleaned without any traces of dirt when I’m using the opposite side of the swab.

I also do love how easily the face oil absorbs into my skin once I apply it thereafter. My trick is to not allow the toner on my face to dry off completely. My face is usually damp. And, the face oil does not leave a shiny finish because of that. Instead, it makes my face feeling well moisturized, soft, and supple.

Its sensation on the skin is slightly tingling with a cooling effect thereafter.



What I Wasn’t Familiar With

Before I started to use this toner, I was using the “Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner” which has a slightly viscous consistency, and I have to add, I was in love with it and still is (Well let’s keep that for another article). I already so used to that consistency that it took me a while to get used to this “Rosemary Toning Mist”.

In fact, before I found my way around it, usually it felt as though I was not using enough no matter the quantity that is been applied on my face, coupled with the fact that, initially I use and apply it by spraying it on my face, and that didn’t seem to work well with me.

Remember since its consistency is like water, you can imagine what water feels like when being sprayed on the face. It drips down the face very quickly that you might have to race after it. Just kidding, though true!

By the way, once you find your way around it, that isn’t a problem at all. Those were my own unexpected experience with it.



In Brief

I would honestly recommend this toner. I love everything about it aside from what I was initially not so used to, but that issue was also solved with time.

If you are thinking about starting to implement organic skin care products in your skin care routine, you might want to consider trying the toner, you just need to keep in mind all that which I have stated above to make your first use a fascinating experience than my own first experience.

This is my 2nd best toner of all the toners I have tried and used, and it could even become my first best as time goes on.



As A Gift Idea For That Special Someone

Purify Gift Set

Yeh its festive season, and this is just the right time to spice up your gift for your loved ones starting from yourself.

To order the complete set of the “Annmarie Gianni Purify Gift Set”;

Click Here



Here is another beautiful end of my conversation with you. Do you have any question regarding this toner or just want to add to the discussion by letting us know your experience with it?

And would you love to add this toner to your skin care routine? Please, do write down your comments below as I/we love to hear from you!

To your enthralling skin, and a happier you… Tohin!


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  1. Furkan says:

    I am thinking of getting this for my mother however her skin is really sensitive. Is this hypoallergenic? If it is not can you recommend another product?

    1. Hello Furkan,
      That’s a good question!
      The answer is “YES” they are not hypoallergenic (which means they do not cause an allergic reaction)! I also do have a sensitive skin and trust me when I say I completely understand the struggle.
      In addition to the above, I believe your beloved Mum would love it!

  2. I don’t know much about skin care but going through this article, I have an inkling that you are knowledgable about them. So rough skin can actually be smoothened using these natural products? What is the regimen and how does one start?

    1. Hello Chyke,
      This Set comes with Five products, and here is a guideline/regimen for your skin care:

      1. You fastly cleanse your face with “the cleanser” in the set

      2. Then, you pat dry your face, and without drying your face off completely, you follow it up, by applying “the toner” with a cotton wool or simply spray it on your face, whichever works best for you.

      3. Thereafter, also while your face is still damp with the toner, you apply “the facial oil” which is the moisturizer in the set.

      The 4th and 5th steps are to be done weekly or bi-weekly, and they consist of the use of the “Mask” and “Exfoliating Scrub”.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Loved this in depth review, Been meaning to start with clean skincare products, trying to wean myself off all chemically formulated products. This looks really nice and gentle, and I already love Aloe Vera, will definitely give it a try! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sahar.
      I believe you are absolutely going to love it after trying out.


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